Childhood exposure to violence and lifelong health: Clinical Intervention science and stress-biology research join forces (PDF)


Neuere Entwicklungen in der Prävention und Behandlung von Beziehungsproblemen bei Paaren (PDF)


Families in Trouble: Bridging the Gaps Among Child, Adult, and Couple Functioning February 2012


This special issue of the scientific journal Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review is the result of the commitment of numerous experts who actively participated in a working group at the second Klaus Grawe Think Tank Meeting. This meeting was organized and held in October 2010 in Switzerland by the Klaus Grawe Foundation. The theme of the meeting was: “Families in Trouble: Bridging the Gaps Among Child, Adult, and Couple Functioning”.


The book on the first Klaus Grawe Think Tank Meeting, “Expanding the Frontiers of Empirically-Based Psychological Intervention to Serve Society,” on the topic of couples.

The book contains the latest developments, research findings, and intervention programs on the topic of “Improving Couples Relationships” and addresses the question of how programs available today that have been shown to be effective can be made more accessible to couples.

The Klaus Grawe Foundation would like to express its sincere thanks to the sponsors of the first Think Tank Meeting for their professional and financial support.