Dr. Lukas Richterich


Dr. Lukas Richterich
Fachpsychologe für Psychotherapie FSP
Praxis beim Spalentor


In 1982 Dr. Lukas Richterich received his MA degree in Psychology from Zurich University and in 1993 his Ph.D. from Basel University. He started his professional career in a child guidance clinic service in Zurich and has ever since been working as a clinician with families, couples and individuals.

He works now in private practice (www.praxisbs.ch) with four collegues in Basel. He has been trained in both, systemic and cognitive-behavior therapy techniques and is spezialised in couple therapy, clinical supervision of trainees and teams.

At University Basel, he was a teacher in a post graduated training program for psychotherapists. As Lukas Richterich is very much interested in prevention of psychological problems in families, he has helped to create an organization called “Help for families” in Basel. Help! For Families helps families in severe crisis by providing professional educational support at the familiy’s home.

Growing up in a business family, made him sensitive for the interaction of family and business and the special needs and dynamics of Business families. His family’s business, (“Ricola” – cough drops) is an international company and 100% family owned. Since his generation has fully taken over the responsibility, Lukas Richterich is more involved as well. Currently he is vice chairman of the Board of Ricola AG, sharing his time between his psychological practice and his office in the company.

Lukas E. Richterich is a donator of the Klaus Grawe Foundation and supports the goals of the Foundation, especially the promotion of Mental Health through improving the quality of psychological services. He lives with his wife in Basel and Graubünden. Lukas E. Richterich loves old music as well as marathon running and is interested in art and architecture.