Mission Statement 2007

The Klaus Grawe Think Tank Meetings: Expanding the Frontiers of empirically-based Psychological Intervention to Serve Society.

The goals of the Klaus Grawe Think Tank Meetings (KGTM) are to encourage cutting-edge, creative, daring ideas and research related to the prevention and treatment of psychological problems and disorders as well as to disseminate empirically supported programs to the public through a variety of delivery systems to individuals, couples, families, businesses and institutions.

Each KGTM focuses on a specific, socially relevant topic that will be decided on by a committee. Five to seven internationally best-known experts within the chosen topic area will be invited to discuss the latest findings in the prevention of a psychological disorder and empirically-based intervention procedures in order to bring them to the public and to develop an agenda for future research and dissemination into practice and into public awareness in general.

The participants at the meeting will emphasize new methodological approaches that are available to address complex issues relevant to the topic which might be of importance to the general public. They will also make efforts to integrate various specific findings into a comprehensive, cohesive organization to develop a set of actions that serve the public on various levels. This includes using the new media to assist in disseminating findings as well as gathering data. Research findings will be put into an understandable and attractive language for the public and institutions. New means of reaching the population with a variety of delivery options will be developed.

The invitation of juniors is unique to these meetings and intends to support and encourage talented young researchers. The participants of the KGTMs will form an international network inspired by Klaus Grawe’s research and his innovative, interdisciplinary way of thinking. Most importantly, these people will contribute in an important way to the dissemination of research results and their consequences for training and practice.